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New & in progress

Philip T. Duncan. (2017). The role of argument structure in Me'phaa verbal agreement [Doctoral dissertation]. University of Kansas.

Philip T. Duncan. (in prep). Can a language ever be consistently ergative? New insights from Me'phaa.

Philip T. Duncan. (in prep). On the importance of being ergative: Case assignment and extraction asymmetries in K'iche'.

Harold Torrence, Pedro Mateo Pedro, & Philip T. Duncan. (under review). Non-interrogative wh-expressions in Kaqchikel.

Philip T. Duncan. (under review). Me'phaa indefinite pronouns: Descriptive characteristics and typological implications. 

Philip T. Duncan, Travis Major, & Mfon Udoinyang. (to appear). Verb and predicate coordination in Ibibio. Selected Papers from the 47th Annual Conference on African Linguistics.

Philip T. Duncan, Travis Major, & Mfon Udoinyang. (to appear). Searching high and low for focus in Ibibio. In J. Kandybowicz, T. Major, & H. Torrence (eds.), African Linguistics on the Prairie: Selected Papers from the 45th Annual Conference on African Linguistics. Link

Lizette Peter, Tracy Hirata-Edds, Durbin Feeling, Wyman Kirk, Ryan "Wahde" Mackey, & Philip T. Duncan. (2017). The Cherokee Nation immersion school as a translanguaging space. Journal of American Indian Education, 56(1), 5-31. Available here

Philip T. Duncan. (2016). Parallel chain formation in Ibibio contrastive verb focus. In E. Clem, V. Dawson, A. Shen, A. H. Skilton, G. Bacon, A. Cheng, & E. H. Maier, (eds.), Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Berkeley Linguistics Society, 87-106. Link


Philip T. Duncan (ed.). (2014). Studies in Ibibio Grammar. Field Methods in Linguistic Description, Vol. 2. Lawrence, KS: KU Department of Linguistics.

Philip T. Duncan. (2014). The commodification of Kaqchikel: A commodities chain approach to the Kaqchikel language in the Foreign Language and Area Studies Program. Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics, 35, 30-52. Available here

Philip T. Duncan. (2014). Remembering the future: Temporal tensions in the discursive construction and commemoration of Israel. Critical Discourse Studies, 11(4), 416-440. Available here



Philip T. Duncan. (2013). The morpho-syntax of indefinite pronouns in Me'phaa [Master's thesis]. University of Kansas. Available here

Philip T. Duncan. (2012). The discursive protection of national interests: Indigenous erasure in Internet news revisions. Journal of Language and Politics, 11(3), 357-381. Available here


Philip T. Duncan. (2011). Commemmorating Israel, forgetting Palestine: Representation and remembering in dispensational discourses [Master's thesis]. University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. Available here